The European Forum of Leftist, Green and Progressive forces is a unique political space for open, plural and participatory permanent dialogue between left-wing, green and progressive political and social forces in Europe, including trade unions and citizen associations, to establish common battles for cooperation and convergent actions in order to build a new balance of power in Europe and to face the multiple current crises.

The Covid-19 pandemic hit Europe full force. Tens of thousands of Europeans have died. This crisis has revealed major flaws in the public health systems hit for years by austerity policies. Millions of workers are today at risk of poverty and unemployment.

The European countries reacted in dispersed order, without solidarity. Today, the competition system that dominates the European Union is more than ever the opposite of the responses necessary to face the social, ecological, economic and political challenges that this crisis has revealed for the future. The crisis has exposed the deep dead ends in which the liberal policies, the choices of short-term capitalist profitability, and the destructive choices for civilization and the planet are sinking us.

The Covid-19 pandemic commands us to change course, to commit Europe with determination to a new model of social and ecological development, whose priorities are human security, common well-being, protection of the planet and biodiversity.

Originally a health crisis, the crisis caused by the Covid-19 is now a global economic crisis and a crisis of political responses from the European Union. It makes the convergence of progressive European forces more urgent than ever to build this new development model.

We want to face together both liberal solutions and solutions to war between nations, which are already planning to make the peoples of Europe pay for the crisis. We want to bring together our struggles and our ideas to win a new model of human development and for the planet.